Predators Among Us

by Distress of Ruin

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released March 6, 2013

-Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Joonas Kaselius (Nerve End)
- Additional master processing by Kimmo Perkkiö at SF Sound Studios
- Cover art by Outi Vornanen



all rights reserved


Distress of Ruin Pohjois-Karjala, Finland

Lauri Ruotsalainen

Guitar, vocals:
Simo Niiranen

Harri Säynevirta

Sami Tolonen

Riku Romppanen
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Track Name: The Ocean Of Perdition
I'm lost
I'm lost

The dark waves of perdition
Wash away this blood
All the torment, carried by the condemnation
Was weighted down on me

I'm lost
I'm lost
In the sea with only one destination

Bury my soul
Bury my mistakes
Bury my soul
Bury my cold heart next to them
Track Name: They Play Dead
Playground is set for the ones to fade away
Without hope they crawl into their holes
This ruptured soil is all too fragile
To cover so they will suffer
Knock, knock, knock!
The reaper is at the door
Disguised in mortal form, or just an ordinary psycho
One moment smiling faces everywhere
Next moment is about to be in history

The horror begins
Nightmare in dreams
Where the fuck is your God now?
Let them die

Inside my mind there is no place to comprehend this bitterness of yours
It's not sane just blood in vain
Is this your way to save them from this morbid world?
Being the reaper, collect the bones

Who are you to decide?
Their story, their lives
Taken away by you

My only question is why?
The candles were smothered by vitriol
I'm too blind to see
From behind this anger rising
You are nothing but dust to me
And to dust you shall return
I can see only maggots crawling on the ground
Rotten maggots made of human flesh

This knife will set you free
The overwhelming urge inside of me
Have I lost my control?

The blood of the innocent stained your shadow
The caskets were buried deep in the cemetery of your crimes
Flood of tears bruised by sorrow
Drowns every mourning soul
There is no way out for them
The cold embrace strengthens the pain
Track Name: Deadly Nightshade
Laughter fills the air
While I’m wondering in the depths of my mind
Thinking of yesterday, dreaming of tomorrow
Journey rose-colored
Path filled with venomous thorns
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness
As I place it on your finger
I commit my heart and soul to you
False promises, artificial smiles, vow of deceit
It can’t continue like this no more

Can this impurity be washed away?
Contaminated by the self-conceit
Decayed and frozen from the inside
This is my lament to you

Sky is weeping for your sins
Acid rain burns the soil beneath my feet
To an unstable surface
Our union has fallen
Severed from its roots
Confronting the paradox
Ease the pain or be bitter till the end of time
No more lying or uncovered statements
This is the beginning of new era

This bitterness of mine
Will silence the agonizing voices in my head
Thinking of remedy
Compounding the mixture
Solution see-trough
A medley of your lies
Perfect chance to get things even
Or am I wrong?
For years our travel was so serene
Now we are million miles away
Under the beams of moonlight
My hatred is yet to come undone
These things you have done to me
Things you promised to cherish
Are so worthless now
So I don’t really care

Wrath of the betrayed is evil and menace
It will crush the wings of the deceiver
Lost in oblivion
Fear not to seek
Searching signs which cannot be reached

Confusion and nausea
Venom of deadly nightshade
Under the poisoned sky
I lay down here to rest

To a sacred ground
I bury my past behind
This pain is all too real
Was it really me?

Burden is no longer here to be carried
Murder a choice of a desperate man
Track Name: Bystander Effect
According to a basic principle of social influence
Bystanders monitor the reactions of other people
In an emergency situation to see
If others think that it is necessary to intervene

Lying on the ground not moving
Bystanders watching
Group of silent ones standing still
Watching her life taken away
Multiple stabwounds
No one to care
At the edge of the abyss
At the beginning of the end
She’s barely conscious

Her wounds bleed furiously
Eyes shut, ears plugged they stare
No one to blow the whistle
Like a cold rat she’s left on the sidewalk
Blinded by the mass
Frozen by the responsibility
Bystanders watching
She’s done with her duty

Altruism does not exist, it’s a lie
Fear of isolation
Out of sight, easily forgotten
Bunch of fuckers let her die
No one didn’t rock the boat, oh why?
Thirty-eight witnesses didn’t see anything?
Not on my neighbourhood
Not on my backyard, fuck no!
I am innocent

No one raindrop thinks it caused the flood
This debt is everlasting
We have to promote her legacy
Track Name: Terminal Alteration
In the way of poison the leeches spread under his skin
Its now too late for vaccine, the defense has failed

In the way of pouring rain the seeds give their growth
The black clouds make their roots grow even stronger
On the top of that mountain you sense the vultures wreathing your guilt
The forgotten are here to ensure your collapse

The fear is what wraps around your shallow mind irreversibly
The struggle already lost defines you now
And the wounds chain you inside the wrath

In the mirror you see, there’s only you
At the centre of your thoughts, there’s only you
You're breaking the hand that feeds you for the very last time
Envenom the ties you used to cherish

Omission speaks volumes of these consequences yet to breathe air
So inhale the pain if you no longer feel
Reflect yourself, the time has a grasp on your frailty
You're swelling from the inside
Your body can't withstand the pressure

Walk down the path that leads you astray
On the brink of isolation you descend
Those hollow promises pull you deeper below
Deliverance is no option
Is this what you sought for?
Is this what you solicited?
Replaced your heart with a black stone
Your journey destined to desolation
Track Name: Harbinger Of Ravage
One thousand lies carved to these walls
A riddle called life is soon to be solved
This humankind will never retrace the reason
This room, the space that haunts me
Whispers the cries that make me bleed
The eerie voices of rainy season

Destruction yearns for this place
Its gentle touch sweeps the surface
Afraid of life you pray for extinction
Walk this empty planet and see it through my eyes

Without words I speak
Can you sense the atmosphere?
Drown in empty glance and feel the story
Don't give me the answers
I already know the truth
Forever insane inside six walls

Signs of my collapsing mind
A man's figure in the dark corner
Singing its psychedelic lullaby
The room begins to shatter
The stroking man believes his matter
Incapable of reconstruction
Terrorize the remains
Circled by the laughing faces
Your chance to crush the final wall

Breathe their toxins
Breed your madness
Crown yourself and bring it to a close
Seal your isolation

The solitude maintains my sanity
Awareness of the outworld breaks it down
The colours of my days are so dark
On the wall I paint this nation burning down

And cast my shadow over those flames
This view takes my breath away
The plaque of this earth has cremated
And the world is beautiful again